Blue Knights Ohio XV History

In March of 1988, Richard Greer, an avid motorcycle enthusiast and Chapter XV's first President, discovered the existence of the Blue Knight's International Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club, Inc. While attending a seminar on outlaw motorcycle gangs, he met two law enforcement officers, who identified themselves as members of the Blue Knights. With their assistance, Rich researched the club's background and history. Finding that many law enforcement officers in the area were also motorcycle enthusiasts and would benefit from the fraternalism of the Blue Knight's organization. He began canvassing the Lake County area in hopes of finding motorcyclists in the law enforcement field who were interested in joining an organized motorcycle group and to incorporate this group into an international law enforcement organization, already in existence with approximately 8000 members at that time. This organization was the Blue Knights International Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club, Inc. His efforts were successful by obtaining 15 members and became chartered as the Lake County Chapter, Ohio XV of the Blue Knights' Organization in May of 1988.

The first elected officers were President Rich Greer, Vice-President Mark Laccheo, Secretary Bill Murphy, Treasurer Dave Harvey, and Delegate Jack Donahue. The other 10 charter members (by last name) were Angelo, Blake, Brettreger, Dodaro, Demico, Duncan, Garbo, Messina, Overstreet, and Willis. They represented the following police departments: Eastlake, Kirtland, Kirtland Hills, Mentor, East Cleveland, and Lyndhurst. With the Chapter's first organized meeting being held in June of 1988, and the remainder of 1988 spent with setting up the chapters protocol and policies. In 1989, Chapter officer's remained the same with the addition of Pat Willis as another Delegate. In February of 1989, the chapter swore in it's first Honorary member, Skip Nason. March of 1989 brought discussions of charitable events the chapter would sponsor. Where in, the chapter began working on a toy run to take place in September of 1989 for a charity yet to be named. In April of 1989 a designated chapter vest, colors, and a dress uniform, for participation in parades as a chapter was adopted.

Early in June of 1989 tragedy struck our chapter. Mark Laccheo the chapters first Vice-President died from a massive heart attack at the age of 36. In honor of Mark Laccheo, our September Toy Run was renamed "The Mark Laccheo Memorial Run" and is held by our Chapter annually each September. The first annual Mark Laccheo Memorial Run went off as scheduled with approximately 136 motorcycles on a rainy overcast day. $1500.00 was collected for our fallen brother's family as well as four large boxes of toys which were donated to the Lake County Salvation Army. Since this first charitable event, our Lake County Chapter, Ohio XV, has sponsored and co-sponsored an average of four charitable events each year. Bringing together thousands of motorcycle enthusiasts, donating thousands of dollars and goods to charitable organizations in the northeast Ohio area for the love of motorcycling and our communities.

On September 16, 2012 our Mark Laccheo ride at Camp Ho Mida Koda involved 75 motorcycles, and 106 persons.  At the close of the day, Camp Ho Mida Koda (Juvenile Diabetes) was handed a check for $2,500 to provide camperships to diabetic youth!  Thanks for all the donated hours and dollars to our effort on behalf of children with Diabetes!

Our chapter now consists of 34 members who also enjoy riding and fellowship with other Blue Knights throughout the continent and the world.