Camp Ho Mita Koda Cash Raffle
Tickets Sold UNTIL
May 31, 2017

  The tickets are $25 each with a $50 daily drawing for cash every day in June, Sun-Thur; for 3 Fridays in June a $100 drawing ; and then the grand prize the last Friday of June $500+ based on ticket sales.  The link has all of the details.

  All monies go to OPENING the camp, we have maintenance, repairs and operations for a camp director, etc. to cover June so we can get camp going and everything functioning.

Thanks you so much again for your support, we look forward to your support and supporting our efforts to help Camp Ho Mita Koda!  It takes a village!

Best Regards, 
Mirna Malinar - Camp Ho Mita Koda Foundation
Steering  Chair- Fundraising - 419-202-0645

 Grand Prize Drawing  $500 - $5000
The grand Prize will be drawn on the last Friday of June (June 30). The minimum Grand Prize is $500, as more tickets are sold, the Grand prize will increase.  For example; our goal is to sell 2000 tickets.  When 2000 tickets are sold ($50,000) the Grand Prize will be $5000, or 10% of the total collected sold tickets.  If we sell less or more than the 2000 the Grand Prize adjust to 10% of sales, but a minimum of $500 will be paid as the Grand Prize.

 $50 Dailey Drawings
24 Daily prizes (every Monday - Sunday in June)

 $100 Friday Drawings
3 $100 Friday Prizes (3 Friday's except the day of the Grand Prize drawing)

Save the date…
Sunday, August 27, 2017 for
The Blue Knight’s Ohio XV
28th Annual Mark Laccheo Memorial Ride
to Benefit Children with Diabetes

at Camp Ho Mita Koda

Camp Ho Mita Koda for children with diabetes WILL BE HELD in July 2017 !!!!

     We are aware there has been a lot of information in the news saying Camp Ho Mita Koda has gone out of business.  I’d like to give you precise information dispelling these reports.

     Camp Ho Mita Koda (HMK) was most recently operated and partially funded through the Greater Cleveland Partnership.  In early April 2017 the Greater Cleveland Partnership went into dissolution due to financial issues.  When this occurred, since HMK was attached to them, HMK ran into a money issue having to fund itself to remain in operation.

     Within one week of the Greater Cleveland Partnership officially announcing their insolvency a group of supporters of Camp HMK came together, formed a 501c3, instituted a Board of Directors, and are now known as the CHMK Foundation, LLC.  You can visit their website at .

     All monies held by the Greater Cleveland Partnership that were specifically donated to Camp HMK were transferred to the newly formed CHMK Foundation, LLC.  The money raised at last year’s BK’s OH XV Memorial Ride and many other donations are in the hands of the CHMK Foundation, LLC and ready to be used this coming July 2017 to provide camperships to children with diabetes to attend camp.  Camp HMK is alive and well!

     The monies raised at our August 27, 2017 - 28th Annual Memorial Ride will provide camperships to children with diabetes at Camp Ho Mita Koda during the summer of 2018.

     Please come and join us for the Ride, support the children in need of financial assistance, and know you are giving many children an opportunity to have a wonderful and heartfelt camping experience at HMK through your generous help.

More information coming soon on the Memorial Registartion page.

Knight's Lady 1 Piece Rocker Set

Customized Chapter Name
   1 pc. Knight's Lady Rocker Set is for those locations where 3 piece rocker sets are discouraged.

   This set comes as Knight's Lady shield shaped patch beautifully embroidered in detailed 12 color image. 

   Knight's Lady is embroidered in Olde English text along left edge, Knight's Lady Patch embroidered in center, and Customized Chapter Name embroidered in Olde English along the right edge.  Finished shield size H 8.25 in. x W 7.5 in.

Cost: $43.00 US                 Place order on our Sales page.